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Men and Women… Same but Different

with Tim Goldich

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Men and Women… Same but Different with Tim Goldich

Often my guests have so much information that one show is just not enough. Tim Goldich is that guy, so I had to have him on for a second show!

  • Do you feel beat up by the feminist rhetoric?
  • Can it all balance out between men and women? Why? Why not?
  • Do men really have all the power?
  • Are women really the victims?
  • Does balance mean complacency?
  • Men are deprived of empathy and women are deprived of accountability
  • Men get more respect and women get more love

Tim Goldich is an author who has devoted the last twenty-five years to researching, pondering, and writing a four-book series on gender issues. The first book—Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics—was published in 2011 and is available on The second book—Love and Respect in the Past: The History of Gender Equality—is due out in 2018. He has also created a series of YouTube videos. He is also an accomplished public speaker.

You can reach him at

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