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Mastery Of Your

Sexual Energy

with Sophia Leva-Marie

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Mastery Of Your Sexual Energy with Sophia Leva-Marie

Sometimes when I meet someone I am blown away by the parallels in our thinking. This was the case with Sophia. Everything she said resonated so much with what I believe and what I teach with #MyPart. We talked about:

  • Self-created trauma
  • Is it healthy to celebrate “surviving”?
  • What is a soul contract?
  • How do you relate to your bank account?
  • How are you empowered or disempowered by your choices?
  • Do you have power over people or do people have power over you?
  • Sexual energy is your power source
  • How do you choose to see men?
  • Do you choose you?
  • Let love win!

Sophia Leva-Marie is a self-love tour guide and Pleasure Concierge. She specializes in sacred sexuality and Divine wealth for established & up-and-coming coaches and soul-preneurs. Sophia utilizes her background in logistics management and corporate sales training, marrying it with spirituality and sexuality to challenge everything you think you know about yourself, your reality, and your business. You can find out more at her website, Nurturing Devine Beauty and Pleasure Principles.

My Challenge to you this week... is to question what you accept to be true.

Where does your belief come from? Is it yours? Does it stem from love?

You can listen to the full episode here:

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