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Male Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking

with Brian Cardoza

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Male Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking

with Brian Cardoza

It is always such an honour to spend time with someone who is willing to share their experiences to make the path for others a little bit easier. Brian, a sexual abuse survivor, talks about his story so that others don’t feel alone, so that they feel like they have a voice or to just shine a light on our biases. We talked about:

  • Is your shame or guilt yours to carry?
  • Bad math – listen how Brian breaks down the math around his sexual, emotional and physical abuse. FASCINATING!
  • There is more shame in male rape victims
  • You are not your ailment
  • What are your echo chambers? Do you even know you are in them?
  • How are the red flags for women survivors treated differently than for male survivors
  • Rape is a crime against humanity not a specific gender
  • What is the societal cost of ignoring male victims of rape. 

Brian Cardoza he is the Author of The Unexpected Victim, an International Artist and a National Speaker for Survivors you can find him here.

And you can find his book The Unexpected Victim here.

Watch this powerful video here

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You can listen to the full episode here:

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