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Let’s Talk Guns

with Dave Bare

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Let’s Talk Guns with Dave Bare

Well thank God Dave was more clear than I was on this interview... sorry folks aftermath of a migraine… so ignore me and listen to Dave… he was amazing!

  • What is the difference between semiautomatic, automatic, machine guns etc?
  • What is the process to own a firearm in Canada?
  • Did our government do their due diligence before this ban?
  • Was this ban legally enacted?

I am not a gun advocate. I don’t own a weapon so I have no dog in this fight but passing of this ban violates our process and THAT I have a huge problem with and that is why I signed the petition.. if you feel the same here is the link.

Dave Bare is from Nanaimo and is a small business owner and member of the Nanaimo Fish & Game Club. He has been a firearms owner all of his life as has his family for as long as he can remember. He enjoys shooting sports as a hobby and is completely opposed to a firearm ban in Canada as it will do nothing to stop crime.

“Criminals, by their very nature, simply do not follow the laws that we have now and won't follow any new ones either.”

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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