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Laid Off at 60! Holy Crap - Now What?

with Lorianne Speaks

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Laid Off at 60! Holy Crap - Now What? With Lorianne Speaks

I am fortunate enough to call this amazingly smart and resilient woman my friend. Lorianne, felt “poor” me for a while after not being able to find a job at 60 she didn’t stay there long. She is a shining example of how to make lemonade from lemons!

  • How do you feel about your job?
  • When will you retire?
  • Have you ever felt too old to be useful?
  • What would you do if you lost your job?
  • What “hidden” skills do older people have that are overlooked?

Lorianne Speaks Founder/CEO of LVS Consulting Services. Prior to starting her own Virtual Assistance company, Lorianne had over 15 years of professional experience supporting a Top 100 Thought Leader as she built her businesses. When her boss

decided to sell her company, Lorianne found herself laid off at 60 years of age. After submitting resumes for over 6 months she realized if she wanted to work - she had better start a company...and the rest is history.

You can find out more about the great work Lorianne does here and if you are interested in being a better speaker she has a free gift for you AND you don’t even have to give up your email address to get it!

Our challenge to you...

Pay attention to how they respond, how you feel and make it real!

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