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I often struggle with if we have come too far protecting too few.

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I often struggle with if we have come too far protecting too few.

I wonder what the world would, or even could look like, if we stopped focusing on what separates us and start focusing on celebrating the differences.

A friend said to me:

“So....because of you 😊😊

I’m in the shower on Int’l women’s day and I think... is there an int’l men’s day? Should there be? Some bitter people may say that “everyday is the men’s day” but why the heck would we give men that power, thinking that way? What about Int’l Humans day?!!? Int’l day of acceptance??

It’s like gay pride days. Is there need for heterosexual day? Just plain old penis in the vagina day?

Do we only celebrate what we feel/perceive as the under dogs, the coming from behind, disadvantaged?

Hmmm, thanks for helping me think opposite 😉"

I understand awareness and with awareness comes, ideally, acceptance. For how long though do we do this? Forever? 3 years?

Does this lead to the oppressed becoming the oppressors?

Does the views of women mean the silence of men?

Does the awareness around LGBTQ shame those who are heterosexual?

I don’t know the answers? I just know there are lots that has to be talked about.

I for one don’t care what people do... love who you want, marry who you want, practice the religion you want, come from whatever country you want, do the job that makes you happy, meditate, don’t meditate. As long as you are not cruel or imposing your will on others.

At the end of the day if my worth is intact what you do is none of my business, so let’s just have a great conversation and co-exist.. now THAT is something I could get behind.

The Reclaim Your Worth Program helps people figure this out. Helps people remain neutral around other people’s choices. Life is easier on this side of worth, come join the movement! We can love all of the things together... or at the very least give up the hate.

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