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I am a male rape victim and I hate hashtag – driven discussions of rape.

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Think Opposite – Guest Aaron Cruikshank “I am a male rape victim and I hate hashtag– driven discussions of rape.”

I just had a mind-broadening conversation with Aaron about our rape culture from a little talked about, but very real and valid perspective. Male rape.

We talk a lot about how women are raped, but how often do we respectfully talk about when men are raped and not in a Bubba-is-going-to-make-you-his-bitch kind of way. Not very often. So seldom in fact that Aaron has been accused of being anti-feminist when he talks about his own rape experience. I struggle with wrapping my head around that one. Although, Aaron does offer up some good theories as to why that happens. Could the fear of not enough compassion to go around really be one of them?

We talk about how males and females are socialized differently around reaction to rape and discuss the impact that has on how we communicate with each other.

Aaron offers up a couple of facts and experiences as well as interesting articles (listed below) for an eye-opening look at what men experience.

When we set our experiences aside, trust that there is enough compassion in the world for everyone and understand #mypart in all our situations we can get to a place of inclusiveness and that is a world I want to live in.

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