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Imagine this…

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Imagine this…

You are in a store and get mad at the cashier. What is happening?

  • You are feeling a loss of worthiness 
  • You need to fill up your worthiness bucket
  • You don’t have the skills to boost your own worthiness so you are impatient and rude to the cashier
  • You walk away feeling a bit taller even though you know you were a jerk but let’s not concern ourselves with that. Let’s tell ourself a story about how stupid s/he was. 
  • Your worthiness bucket feels less empty but it’s an illusion and soon you will need to lash out or fill that bucket with ill gotten self worth or tell the story of the stupid cashier to everyone you meet that day to make yourself feel validated.
  • Rinse and repeat


  • You can boost your worthiness internally so you are no longer needing to interact with others in an unhealthy way to feel better about yourself.

I know which I would pick.. what about you?

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