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You Want Me to What?

With Jill Raff

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You Want Me to What? With Jill Raff

You know when you meet someone and just know they are kindred spirits? Well that’s what happened with me and Jill Raff. We met at the New Media Summit last September and I have had the good fortune to get to talk with her several times about the important work she does around customer service and connection.

This show was a little bit different for me as it was about customer service yet it still comes down to how we show up. We talked about:

  • Is your interaction with others about you or them?
  • What are you co-creating in your interactions?
  • Does customer service begin and end with an employer? At the place of business?
  • SHARK to help you navigate the customer service (and pretty much any interaction) experience
  • Transaction vs. interaction
  • Leave something better than you found it. 

Jill Raff, Customer Experience Strategist, CEO and Founder of The Jill Raff Group, is obsessed with helping businesses, from solopreneurs to corporations, to Transform Transactions Into Interactions™, putting people first in their business. The by-product of delivering stellar CX consistently is increased revenue, ratings, retention, and repeat customers. Join Jill's Customer Experience Movement. Through her 7 step Customer Experience Transformation process, Jill hones in on your unique business' hurdles and challenges from being and achieving its' full potential.

If you want a free gift from Jill check this out here.

My challenge to you this week...

Set aside your needs for a minute to contemplate what someone else may need.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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