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Ditching Depression to Manifest Dreams

with Melissa Drake

· Show Summary

Ditching Depression to Manifest Dreams with Melissa Drake

Some guests just impress me so much. Melissa Drake is one of those people. She looked at her life, didn’t like what she saw and made changes. She is a hero. We talked about:

  • Depression is a choice. 
  • Do you recognize when you are in victim state?
  • Do you have friends who call you out when you need it – even when you don’t know you do?
  • Does anyone have a truly great childhood?
  • What do you need help with and are you asking for it?
  • Where does your support come from?
  • What do you see in other people that you would like to see in yourself (spoiler alert – it’s probably already in you too) 
  • Should we fight or let things unfold?
  • What choices are you making for you?
  • You can create the life of your dreams – it’s true. 

Melissa Drake is a single mama who ditched an executive corporate job and a lifetime of depression to follow her dreams. She is writing, editing, and promoting her way to success for herself and others. Check out the amazing work she is doing as a coach on her website and give her Tedx some love as she talks about collaboration!

My challenge to you this week...

You can listen to the full episode here:

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