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Embrace Your Onion

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Embrace Your Onion

We are multi layered. Like Shrek would say, “we are like onions”.

Boost your worthiness by embracing your onion.

What happens when we see ourselves like onions or like a pile of sand or a bed of leaves? Each little bit represents a different perspective of ourself.

Isn’t there a part inside of you that thinks you are awesome at something? Maybe it’s math or science, sports or music, design or creation. And there is also a part of you that tells you that you are not awesome at that very same thing? Different layer of the onion. Different grain of sand. Different leaf. BUT all part of you.

What happens when you see that part of you who thinks you are awesome AND sees that part of you who thinks you suck? The trick here is not to necessarily agree with either part of you, but to just “see” both parts of you. When you see yourself you boost your worthiness when you boost your worthiness you are less likely to become a victim.

Think of it this way. That part of you that is hating on you has what it thinks as a legitimate reason. It’s keeping you safe. It’s remember past pain. See that part of you. Thank that part of you because in it’s own way it’s trying to take care of you. When you see it, acknowledge it, thank it you boost your internal worthiness because you are embracing you. All of you. Not just the parts that feed your ego.

No one likes to be ignored or swept under the rug, so what makes you think that part of you will like it?

You are worthy… all of you.

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