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Equal Partners

with Tim Goldich

· Show Summary

Equal Partners with Tim Goldich

Despite technical difficulties this was such a great show. Tim has such a great way of finding the “fairness”, the “equality” option and It was such a treat to listen to him talk. I will be bringing him back to talk further. He totally carried this episode which really speaks to his knowledge, scope and willingness to offer other perspectives. Amazing! We talked about:

* are men feeling beat up by the feminist rhetoric?

* have you read the Myth of Male Power? If so great.. If not here is a link

* do you really know what patriarchy is? Not the off the cuff reference but BOTH the pros and cons?

* Is feminism victimizing women?

* Do we have compassion without accountability? Do we need both?

* Patriarchy vs. matriarchist?

* What Is the cost of attacking men and NOT calling women on their shit too?

* gender reality vs. gender politics. What Is the difference?

* MRA vs. feminism vs. equalize

* gender complaint vs. gender growth.

Tim Goldich is an author who has devoted the last twenty-five years to researching, pondering, and writing a four-book series on gender issues. The first book—Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics—was published in 2011. The second book—Love and Respect in the Past: The History of Gender Equality—is due out in 2018. He has also created a series of YouTube videos. He is also an accomplished public speaker.

He is a board member of both the National Coalition For Men and of the ManKind Project, two organizations that variously support men politically and emotionally. Finally, Goldich facilitates the personal growth work of men on New Warrior Training Adventure weekends, and of men and women on personal growth weekends called Path To Spirit.

Tim’s latest venture is the founding a new Internet-based organization calling itself, Gender Equalists: Transforming gender political space for fairness, forgiveness, and unity.

Feel free to reach out to Tim at his email (and put something relevant In the subject line so he will know It’s not spam!).

My challenge to you this week...

You can listen to the full episode here:

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