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How Hero's Journeys Reinvent You

with Rob Kall

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How Hero's Journeys Reinvent You with Rob Kall

It’s amazing how much someone can pack into a lifetime and the impact they can have. Rob Kall is one of these people. It was truly an experience having him share his wisdom (and there is so much wisdom) with us.

* how did you get to where you are?

* do you find yourself tripping into good things or not so good things?

* do you power over people or with people?

* assess bottom up - how we evolved and the impact of our early evolution of small cohesive groups who relied on each other

* do you oppress yourself?

* are you willing to start or stop something to become something other than what you presently are?

* who Is telling you can’t? Who is cheering you on? Who is celebrating with you?

Rob Kall is author of The Bottom-up Revolution: Mastering the World of Connectivity, host of the Bottom-up Radio Show, founder and organizer of the Storycon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of story, and publisher of the blog,, which has been viewed by over 23 million people.

You can find more about Rob and his book here where there is free list of positive experiences you can draw on and explore.

Practice smiling like It’s an exercise, like bicep curls. Smile and stop, smile and stop. Practice!! Then when you are at work, out in the world, with your family try to get them to smile too! Be like a happy positive flu and be contagious!

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