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How did you meet?

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I have this fascination with people’s stories about how they met.

There is some magical place that people go to when they are telling their “meeting” story. Their eyes light up. Their faces soften. They sigh a happy sigh and then they tell their stories.

Sometimes the stories are pretty crazy.

I met a couple, let’s call them Suzy and Bob, who lived in England and got engaged before he had to go off to war. A variety of things happened and years later, when Bob returned, Suzy had already married someone else. Bob eventually got married too and while he stayed in Great Britain, Suzy moved to Canada with her new family. Years later her husband died and she was living alone and her son asked her about her first love and she told him the story of Bob. Her son then put an ad in the veteran’s newsletter in his Suzy’s hometown looking for anyone who may have known Bob. Turned out Bob saw the newsletter and he responded to the ad. Suzy and Bob reunited, Bob moved to Canada, and he and Suzy got married. They were an amazing couple.

Sometimes the stories are magically mundane.

I spoke to a couple who met in a grocery store line up and were still married 25 years later and very much in love. Not an earth shattering first encounter (as far as Hollywood goes) but their love for each other and adoration of their love story made me want to go stand in a grocery store line-up until I met the love of my life as well!

You see, it’s not the story that matters, it’s the magic.

Even when I have been dealing with clients who are fighting or getting a divorce, when I ask them how them met, their anger melts away, they soften and they remember. I can’t help but wonder what would happen to their relationship if they told their story a little more often. What would happen to their relationship if they could remember what it felt like when they first saw each other?

We get so sidetracked by the disappointments, the arguments, and even the colour of the grass on the other side of the fence. Sometimes we are supposed to move on, but what if we spent more time in that magic place where we first met? The first time we saw the love of our life? The first time we held our baby? (that would come in handy during teenage years).

What if we searched for, remembered and retold the magic?

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