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How Compromise Kills Erotic Passion

with Alexandra Stockwell

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How Compromise Kills Erotic Passion with Alexandra Stockwell

One of the really great things about going to events like the New Media Summit - which, by the way, is an event you do not want to miss if you do anything podcast – is that I have been able to meet and connect with amazing people like Alexandra and talk about really great things. We talked about:

  • Do you ask for what you want?
  • Any time you are not having sex is foreplay
  • Can you control what you desire? And should you?
  • Compromise v. collaboration
  • You can’t shed compromise in the bedroom.
  • How do you recognize when you are compromising?
  • Selfish v. non-compromising

And as food for thought. My last guest M. Shannon Hernadez and I talked about “what if nothing is wrong?” and Alexandra added “What if nothing is wrong with your partner?” hmmmm something to think about!

Alexandra Stockwell, is a Family Physician turned Relationship Coach. Drawing on her experience as a Medical Doctor, Relationship Coach, Emotional Intimacy and Sensual Passion Expert, as well as her marriage of 22 years, she helps committed couples discover how to create the emotional and sensual intimacy they crave.

My challenge to you this week...

I don’t care if you have only one thing on the list. Put it down, savour it and add to the list. Also you can take part in Alexandra's Desire Exercise!

You can listen to the full episode here:

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