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Have you set up house in a “hood”?

Have you set up house in a “hood”?

I talk a lot about victim state (victimhood). That place where are getting value from staying a victim. At least we think there is value, if we don’t value freedom!

I’d like to clarify a few things

Victimization is real. Bad things will happen and pretending they aren’t bad isn’t healthy

Victim is what we feel when we have been victimized. This is legit. When bad things happen, we will feel a loss of self, security, love, freedom, etc. It’s important we feel those feels or they will eat away at us and healing becomes almost impossible

Victimhood is what happens after. It’s when we embrace being the victim, when we set up house in that “hood”

  • hanging out with people who keep us weak,
  • giving away our worth to those who don’t deserve it
  • living in the past and the retelling of our pain
  • denying ourselves freedom in our future

Victimhood has never made a person happy and it won’t make you happy either.

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