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Getting Turned On To Your Energy Frequency

with Gila Nehemia

· Show Summary

I met Gila a few months ago when I was fortunate to be a guest on her show. I really liked the way she was living her life and the principles she was choosing to live by, so I was happy when she wanted to be a guest on my show. We had such a chill conversation about so many great things. We talked about the below:

  • Finding your wisdom
  • Self and the other
  • The masks we wear
  • Embracing your wholeness
  • The problem with just the positive feels
  • What is your long game?
  • We are perfectly imperfect beings
  • Erotic shame and judgement

Gila is a spiritual erotic poet, writer, coach, and wise woman. She’s passionate about empowering people to experience a Sacred Erotic Love partnership within and without. She believes that conscious erotic self love changes the paradigm of love relationships in a person’s inner and outer circles.

As a Shamanic healer, Gila loves nature and utilizes it’s inherent healing properties to heal herself and her loved ones. She holds Sacred Circles for women to provide support and divine transmission. She believes we’re all on this earth to help each other grow and to radiate our light and love onto the world. To find out more check out Gila’s website.

My challenge to you is to step into some of those feelings you aren’t proud of. They are part of you and your whole is worth more than the sum of your parts. Spend some time with them to try to understand how they contribute to the wholeness of you.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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