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Genuinely Mentally Engaging With Ideas You Find Offensive

with Malcolm and Simone Collins

· Show Summary

I cannot lie. Malcolm and Simone are the cutest couple ever AND a total power couple! Loved talking with them about their views on the importance of setting aside our emotion to have conversations with ideas we don’t agree with. Other things we spoke about include:

  • Why are we so surprised when the other side of our argument think they are right too?
  • Monkey brains... lots of monkey brains.
  • Is there one standard of judging behavior?
  • Do we fetishize fairness?
  • Are we able to think for ourselves?

Malcolm is a neuroscientist and met Simone, head of marketing at one of the largest online sites, and decided to start creating companies. Now they run a small business empire together headquarter in Peru, are best selling authors of the Pragmatist's Guide to Life, and run the Pragmatist's Foundation. Another endeavor that they are excited about is Travel Max, which you should definitely take a look at!

My challenge to you is to step outside of how you see yourself (as a feminist, or athlete, or teacher) and just adopt the role of someone looking for the truth.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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