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From Crappy to Happy

with Kim McIntyre

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From Crappy to Happy with Kim McIntyre

I am not going to lie I have met the most amazing people at New Media Summit and Kim McIntyre is one of those people. She is authentic, honest and so vested in people finding stress-free ways to live their lives and find their happy! We talked about:

  • Facing fear vs. healing fear
  • Systematic desensitization
  • Are you the tortoise or the hare?
  • Power through vs. self-care
  • You recharge your phone when do you recharge yourself?
  • Ideal to-do lists
  • What are some signs that your life is out of balance?
  • Stress release tools

Kim McIntyre is a Stress Relief Strategist and Yoga Teacher. She teaches people how to live with less stress and more joy. Her specialty is offering quick tips and tools for stress relief and self-care that can fit into a busy schedule. You can find her website here and make sure you sign up for her newsletter for weekly tips and strategies to reduce stress. I can’t wait to subscribe myself!

Some possible reading is The Power of Habit and the Willpower Instinct.

My challenge to you this week...

What stories are you telling yourself that is hurting you or holding you back and how can you reframe them? One of the ways is to pre-register for the #MyPart course.

Are you in victim state or freedom state quiz.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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