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Firefighting and Extreme Obstacle Racing Didn’t Make Me a Man But This Did

with Charlie King

· Show Summary

The world is going to change by good people doing good things and Charlie King is one of those people. His dedication to helping men maneuver fatherhood is inspiring and important. Today we talked about:

  • Never being good enough
  • Rejection = weakness
  • The trap of not measuring up
  • Know what’s yours and what’s someone else’s
  • Can we judge our parents by our new best practice principles?
  • Becoming a better person means spending time with good people
  • Mental masturbation

Each time I have a conversation with someone about topics that may not be discussed as part of polite dinner conversation I grow and marvel at how much there is to learn. Charlie King is a Former Firefighter and a competitor in the Tough Mudder Obstacle race series. Today he is a speaker, a program leader and founder of Heroic Fatherhood. His anchor program “The Dad’s Edge: Forging a Life of Clarity and Focus in a Busy World of Distraction” is a 6-week powerhouse of a program, supporting men to find freedom and purpose in a world of obligation, expectation, and responsibility. You can also find Charlie on his website and YouTube.

My challenge to you is to take time to recognize you are enough, think about whom you want to be going forward and then take action to become that person – and if you hang out with good people who demonstrate who you want to be you will find your tribe.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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