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Facts Not Feelings

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Facts Not Feelings

Just because you have a feeling doesn’t make you right it also doesn’t make you wrong. I just don’t think we should care about how we feel when we are talking about issues. I believe feelings interfere with our ability to be objective and most issues and problems require us to be objective if we want solutions. If we just want to keep spinning our wheels then let’s focus on feelings.

We are taught that feelings override everything, but is that actually true? Especially when it comes to controversial topics.

How do we get to the place where we can suspend our feelings about something, so that we can have a civil conversation and should we even want that? I think we need to. There are many who have feelings of disagreement with me about this and I am ok with that. They can fixate on how they feel about what I am saying and I will find solutions.

I believe that when we put our feelings ahead of respecting the other person in front of us we are doing more harm than good. When we think that being right because we feel we are right gives us license to say anything we want we contribute to the problems in the world, not the solution. We somehow think our feelings give us a pass, but our feelings don’t supersede facts.

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