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Everyone Has Something They Are a Prisoner To

with Marian McSpadden

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Everyone Has Something They Are a Prisoner To

Some people come into my life and I am captivated by their capacity to love. Marian McSpadden is one of those people. Her journey is fascinating and her worldview is inspiring.

  • Do the monkeys in your life dictate your choices?
  • What is your prison?
  • Do you give people the benefit of the doubt?
  • Do you assume someone else’s life is easy?
  • Are you drowning in a life that isn’t yours?
  • Does asking for advice help or hold you back?
  • What patterns suck you back in?

Marian McSpadden, along with her husband, own a multimillion-dollar business. She was born in the secluded culture of a horse-drawn buggy religious organization. When she was 34 years old a strong force within her took her beyond the world as she knew it. Immediately she was attracted to education. She took a GED and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She has a strong ability to bridge cultural gaps. Through private coaching Marian teaches with a real road map how she got free one time by literally fleeing in the dark and how the second time she got free by staying and working it out. The process to hope and healing is faster and more fun with one who is committed to you, and that is Marian.

You can find out more about Marian here download a chapter of her book or book a free 30 min consult.

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