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Emotionally Potty Train Yourself

with Rachel Kaplan

· Show Summary

Emotionally Potty Train Yourself with Rachel Kaplan

Rachel Kaplan stands out in a crowd, her energy shines through and it’s unmistakably cool. I met Rachel in Florida and loved everything about her so I was super happy that she agreed to be on my show, offering her unique approach to healing.

  • How do you recover from trauma?
  • We are raised by flawed humans… there are going to be ramifications. 
  • Do you think about the story you tell yourself before you buy something or make a decision?
  • There is no way out of pain so coping is mandatory
  • You can’t be numb to the pain and still feel the good stuff
  • If you start to feel uncomfortable – turn towards it – feel it
  • When you say “should” stop and ask yourself if _______ is really what you “should” be doing. What do you really want?

Rachel Kaplan, a licensed Psychotherapist and Emotionally Potty Trainer, has streamlined 25 years of relentless study of the world’s healing technologies to lightheartedly and effectively teach people the most necessary component of true self-healing and it's as simple as taking a poop. She has created a podcast, featured by iTunes as new and noteworthy in all of its categories called the Healing Feeling Sh*t Show. This transformational journey leads listeners down the path of reclaiming the parts that are the source of worthlessness, achieving emotional resilience: the new happy, and being able to create the life of their dreams. For more information, visit her website and her podcast.

On her website you can take a great quiz.. check it out!

My challenge to you...

We can’t do the work for another person, just like we can’t poop for them either. It’s not doing you or them any favours.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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