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Embracing The Boulder That Crushed My Child with Meridith Alexander

It sometimes boggles my mind what a person can endure. My guest Meridith Alexander has an incredible story and how she beat the odds and overcame adversity.

  • What would you do if your child got hurt?
  • Is there ever a good time for random bad news?
  • Where are your priorities?
  • When do you ask yourself the tough questions?
  • What happens when you can no longer control the “outer game”?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are the energies behind your thoughts/beliefs?

Meridith is a best-selling author, powerhouse mom-preneur, peak performance coach and top female motivational speaker who has become known for inspiring thousands of people around the world to venture beyond the place where their beliefs stop them -- all thanks to a plummeting boulder that almost killed her daughter and that changed her "old normal" into the destiny that she embraces today.

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if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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