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Eliminate The Inner-Critic

with Shawna Pelton

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Eliminate The Inner-Critic with Shawna Pelton

What a great hour spent with Shawna. It’s a great to have an experience to talk with someone so aligned with my thinking as it allows me to drill down deeper into the weeds I sometimes find myself in. I am so blessed to be able to have so many meaningful conversations!

  • Are you doing “your part” in making the world better?
  • How often do you follow your joy?
  • Are you shrinking from your challenges?
  • Are you suffering over your suffering?
  • What are the three stages of self-actualization?
  • Three approaches to heal – medical, therapy and spiritual DNA

Shawna Pelton is a Transformational Healer, Mentor, Teacher, Speaker who's background combines nearly 2 decades of training under various teachings from holistic healing, mind body medicine, ancient mysteries and metaphysics to the neuroscience of change and people building programs for personal and professional excellence. Find out more here.

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My challenge to you...

Not as a way to wallow, but to stay in the pain but as a way to navigate through to the other side.

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