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Don’t Pick Bad Art!

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Don’t Pick Bad Art!

I had a decorator say to me once “if there is a spot on your wall that needs art, leave it blank until you find the perfect piece that brings you joy. If you put something up temporary your soul will stop looking for that perfect piece.”

I think about this often and how it pertains to many areas of life.

How often do we

  • Eat something that only tastes ok?
  • Date someone who doesn’t make our heart sing (but damn we really try to pretend they are who we want)?
  • Not speak our truth and just swallow what someone else is blurting out?
  • Stay in a soul sucking job?
  • Put off writing that book
  • Delay going back to school

When we buy bad art we are buying into the idea that we are not worth putting in the time it takes to have what matters most to us. Every time we do that our worth suffers and we are more prone to looking elsewhere for our worth and falling victim when we don’t get our needs met.

You are the best person to meet your needs. YOU are the best piece of art you can value.

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