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Does Truth Exist?

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Does Truth Exist?

Tell me the truth?

Is that the whole truth?

You can’t handle the truth? (Best movie line of all time. Thank you Jack Nicholson)

We can probably agree that the 2+2=4. Truth.

That if you throw something in the air it will come back down. Truth.

We will die one day. Truth.

Beyond those types of things is there a truth?

I have “truths” in my life but there are always exceptions. My “truths” can change by the minute, day or year so can they actually be truth?

What would happen if we let go of that word. Replaced it with perspective. Replaced it with idea, thought or belief? Would we be more open to hearing other people’s’ perspective, thought or belief? I think we would be because those words are softer, easier to accept and will be less rigid that “truth”. Truth is a pretty high mark to hit and only actually true in a handful of situations.

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