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Does listening to other’s mean not listening to yourself?

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Does listening to other’s mean not listening to yourself?

HELL NO!!!!!

All I ask you to do, all anyone should ask of you is to consider another perspective.

To THINK OPPOSITE! To suspend your belief to consider another perspective so that you can proceed with clarity.

When you can put our opinion on a shelf to really hear another person these things happen:

  •  You learn new information (and that is never bad!)
  •  You connect on a deeper level
  •  You give the gift of seeing the other person and acknowledging they journey (how generous is that?)
  •  You actually boost our own internal worthiness but not needing to convert them... by saying to our self “I feel secure enough in who I am to hear something that runs contrary.”
  •  You practice active listening (kind of a lost art that needs to have a comeback!)


at the end of it all you don’t have to change your position on the topic and that’s ok… and if you change your position a little or a lot that is ok too.

Pass this on to someone who may benefit

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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