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Inclusivity is Mostly Crap

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Inclusivity is Mostly Crap

There is a store where I live and it’s focus is body piercing and tattoos and their advertising says it’s inclusive (isn’t all marketing today using that word?). But is the store really inclusive? Does it include people who are not into body piercing and tattoos? Nope. All their photos show people with piercing and tattoos. Someone without wouldn’t feel like they belong there.

Wouldn’t it be better to say they are exclusive to people who love to decorate their bodies? Isn’t that more honest? Doesn’t that better allow for conversation? Doesn’t that allow us to see who is being excluded and then help them find their home where they exclusively belong? If we hide behind this falsehood of inclusivity how do we see or recognize those who are excluded, because we are too busy pretending they are included.

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