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Developmental Trauma, CPTSD, and Psychedelics

with Jennifer Whitacre Gardner

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Developmental Trauma, CPTSD, and Psychedelics

with Jennifer Whitacre Gardner

I first met Jennifer Whitacre Gardner when I was a guest on her podcast Yes, And… click this link to listen to me on her show!

I found what Jennifer does is fascinating and somewhat out of the box and want to share her with you so that you can consider a perspective you may not have previously considered. We talked about:

  • What saves you as a child can hurt you as an adult
  • Somatic experience and compassionate inquiry
  • What is happening in your subconscious memory
  • What can a 6 month old baby’s EEG tell you about mom’s state of mind?
  • How do you respond to being triggered?
  • ACE Test
  • Drugs. Awareness or escape?

Jennifer Whitacre Gardneris an Empowerment Strategist, a trauma specialist, and host of the Yes, And… Podcast. Jennifer is skilled at helping her clients move beyond the self-sabotaging habits and knee-jerk reactions that keep them stuck and feeling lost. She has both the education and the life experience to help her clients move through their stuck places and fears to find peace and fulfillment. Find Jennifer online on her website or email her at

And if you are interested in a good TEDx check out this one on MDMA.

My challenge to you this week...

You can listen to the full episode here:

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