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Depression, Tattoos, And Making Money

with Julian Rosen

· Show Summary

Depression, Tattoos, And Making Money with Julian Rosen

Well, this was an energetic show! LOVED Julian Rosen’s energy, his worldview and how he is rocking the world through his clients and just waking up and stepping into who he is with awareness and badassary!

  • Fault vs. responsibility
  • Do people wake up wanting to be a dick or to rain on your parade? (spoiler alert… no)
  • What is your pattern interrupt?
  • When do you judge someone, something, yourself? 
  • Mic drop moment… I am experiencing ________ (whatever you are going through) , but I am not _____________.
  • Self-awareness is a muscle you work 
  • First step… wake up 10-20 minutes earlier than normal and be intentional (stop your lizard brain from taking control)
  • Life is non-refundable

Julian Rosen is a coach, entrepreneur and thought-leader who helps purpose-driven men and women move past the anxieties and overwhelm holding them back from building successful and impactful lives. Find out more here.

And get your free training from Julian Rosen to transform your potential into impact and prosperity here!

Our challenge to you...

Turn off the phone, grab a pen and paper and take a life audit. What dictates your action? Fear? Shame?

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