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Can We Really Trust the Person Telling Us What To Do?

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Think about this for a second.

Everywhere we are being told what to do, whether we think so or not.

30km in a school zone. Why 30? If we hit a child at 30km will it do less damage? Can we stop faster? Can we stop in time? Why 30?

Don’t talk to strangers? Do you know many people that have been kidnapped? I don’t know of any. Not one. But I know I was told to be scared of strangers and in my experience strangers are really nice people. Maybe we should say “don’t do stupid things with strangers like go into the bushes looking for their pretend dog”.

God hates gays? Really, he told you that? If he told you that then you have bigger problems than gays.

Fat is bad? The Body Mass Index says you are fat. Really? Tell that to my trainer who is the fittest woman I know and competition ready on any given day, I swear. She is anything but fat, but her BMI says that she is not just fat, but obese. Do you know they base insurance coverage and rates on that shit? Why aren’t, we demanding a healthier index?

It’s better to have more safety features in your car? Really? Are we sure about that or is that just a great story car manufactures tell us, because I have never hit anything backing up and a camera won’t change my odds.

Go to school and get a good education? Is the education we get a school good? Who measures that?

It’s for your own good? Who gets to decide your own good?

What other people think of you doesn’t matter? Is this true for anyone? Or is it told to children by adults who don’t want to actually address the issues?

Money doesn’t make you happy? Mmm really, because I do misery much better when I have a nice roof over my head, food on the table and money in the bank. Oh wait, that means I am still happier when I have money. Who does this statement serve? Employers?

Cops are there to protect you? Are they, or are they there to protect the law?

You need to buy _________ to be happy? Oh, that is what is missing from my life; this season’s new boots. I had better rush out to buy them so I can finally be happy.

Girls can’t throw? Well I wouldn’t recommend pissing a woman off and standing too close to something hard that will hurt you when she throws it at your head.

Boys don’t cry? Really? Is that a fact? Rip someone they care about out of this world and watch them not cry.

You should want to get married? Why should I want that? So I can be tied down to a person for the rest of my life? Or cave into the odds that when the going gets tough, the tough get divorced and have to split up all their shit?

You should want to have kids? Why? Why should you want to have kids if you don’t like them or think you will be a good parent? Please, please, please do NOT have kids unless you really, really want them and even then, wait a while longer before actually having them, just to be sure.

You have to work hard to be successful? Mmm define successful? Is this another self-serving lie by corporations or educational institutions?

It’s better to save then to spend? Oh, man, if I subscribed to that, my life would have been boring and I wouldn’t have had some of my most amazing life experiences. Spend. Have fun. But don’t be stupid about it; you still have to pay for your car if you have one. This is not permission to declare bankruptcy.

Work is not fun. If it were fun, it wouldn’t be called work? If it’s not fun, you are in the wrong job.

Good things come to those who wait? Who does that serve? Not you. It just makes you lazy.

When are we going to start questioning the things we are told? When are we going to start thinking for ourselves and living by our own truths? Because an unexamined statement is a deadly virus.

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