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Can A Man Open His Heart Without Losing His Balls?

With Adam Lamb

· Show Summary

The answer is yes, but you will possibly not find the answer in this episode! All of the things Adam and I were going to talk about didn’t really get talked about instead we talked about:

  • Perpetual boys
  • The power of “that’s fascinating” 
  • The power of “thank you”
  • The need for us to 100% responsible for all that we do
  • Neutrality
  • Using feelings as weapons (spoiler alert… this is not a good thing)

Adam Lamb has done really amazing work not just on himself but on the men he works, assisting them to get their balls back and reconnect to their authentic masculine power! You can find out more about him and what he does on his websiteand you can opt in and access his meditation gift here

My challenge to you this week is next time someone “triggers” you or your feelings are hurt, try to pause and say thank you. Treat it like an opportunity to look at what is going on for you, so that you can heal and grow and not have to get triggered again.

You can listen to the full episode here:


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