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Boys Don’t Cry but Men Do

with Kirk Akahoshi

· Show Summary

It’s great to talk about men without it having to be in response to what women are up to. Had a great conversation with Kirk about the work he is doing with men’s circles:

  • The importance of listening
  • Control the impulse to “fix”
  • Supressed anger
  • King, warrior, magician and lover arch-types
  • Future trends for men

Today my guest was Kirk Akahoshi. He is a licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, and speaker who runs Men's Collective which focuses on helping men lead fuller lives.

For more information please check out his website.

And we talked about a couple of books too if you want to check them out:

My challenge to you is to take time to listen to someone talk about themselves or experience and stay quiet. Your job is to do nothing but listen.

To learn more about THINK OPPOSITE or to hire Alison to speak or if you want to talk about Men’s Rights and Feminism please email Alison visit or email

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