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Boys Don't Cry

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We allow our girls to be strong, but we don’t allow our boys to be vulnerable. What a great conversation I got to have with Isabel. I am always so interested listening to people who have thought about what they think about in depth. We spoke about some great things about life in general as well as the boy/girl crisis and other movements as below:

  • Isabel’s “I See You” movement
  • How we label to simplify but does it make it simple?
  • How the oppressed are quite happy becoming the oppressors.
  • Our healing/identity crisis
  • How healing is not really happening in many of these big movements
  • Our desire to be seen and the lengths we will go to be seen
  • Possible solution

Isabel Hundt is a speaker; a transformational coach working with empathy and empathy warriors, author of The Power of Faith Driven Success and her expertise is navigating around your emotional world. She works with both men and women around their emotional health.

My challenge to you this week is to set aside labels and have a real conversation with someone and their experience. We are all more than the label we fall under. We are people who want to be seen. Who are you seeing or not seeing? How can you see them better?

Possible approaches for the people in your life:

  • Children – more family dinners with conversations about their future and what they want. I just read a great book (The Boy Crisis– Warren Farrell) and he had suggestions about looking at a building and talking about all the jobs associated with that building and which jobs they would like and why.
  • Co-workers – get beyond the “what is happening at work” and ask them about their lives and why they are doing what they are doing.
  • Employees – have team building events where you all get to step out of your “work persona”.
  • Cashier at grocery store – ask questions beyond “how is your day?”
  • Listen instead of talking. Asking open-ended questions – just go deeper.

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