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Avoid Chronic Illness Victimhood

with Brindusa Vanta

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Avoid Chronic Illness Victimhood with Brindusa Vanta

What a great conversation about taking control of your health (especially during this covid craziness!) Such an empowering talk with Dr. Brindusa Vanta.

  • Are you defined by your illness?
  • Does your illness control your life or do you control your life?
  • What is the relationship between fear and illness?
  • What is headline stress disorder, how does it affect you and how do you combat it? 
  • Look for facts not opinions
  • Find support groups that supports solutions not those that focuses on the problem 
  • Control what you can control

And as Dr. Vanta says “You can’t enjoy your life if you are a victim”

Dr. Brindusa Vanta is a medical doctor and researcher specializing in nutrition and alternative medicine.

Reach out to her here.

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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