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Are you willing to trade your problems?

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Are you willing to trade your problems?

Think of some things in your life that you consider problems.

Is it...

  • A tough teenager?
  • A sick relative?
  • A passed up promotion?
  • A teacher who hates you?
  • Not enough money?
  • Etc.

What is your problem? Now, are you willing to give it up for someone else’s problem?

Are you willing to trade your life...

  • With someone on welfare?
  • With someone with a child who has down syndrome?
  • With someone who is in an abusive relationship?
  • With someone with chronic health problems?

Yes? Then find someone to trade lives with.

No? Which is what most people answer, because it’s safer to stay with the known AND after all we created our problems in accordance with our view of ourselves and the world.

So, if you have opted to keep your problems what are you going to do about them? What steps do you have to take to “see” yourself, to address your worthiness, to let go of your victim state?

One step you could consider is taking #MyPart Course and learn a process to move into a better version of your life in a freedom state.

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