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Are You Questioning Policy?

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Are You Questioning Policy?

Things are implemented in our work and our government and presented in ways that are said to be “for our own good” but don’t we, as responsible citizens and employees, have to question things?

  • Is that new customer service policy really about serving a customer better or is disguised as such but really it’s about cutting corners?
  • Is tracking our movements really about tracking covid or is it more about controlling our movement?
  • Is taking our photo or finger print at the airport about efficiency or is it about controlling freedom?

We put people in charge and assume they have everyone’s best interest at heart but do they?

Maybe the changes are really good but if you don’t question them, if you don’t dig deeper, if you don’t look for what’s “really” happening, how do you know?

Pass this on to someone who may benefit

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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