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Are You a Spiritual Atheist?

With Nick Jankel

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Are You a Spiritual Atheist? With Nick Jankel

There are some guests who will have me thinking for days, weeks, even years and Nick Jankel is one of those guests – and I love that! We talked about:

  • Transformational curves
  • What do you believe?
  • Where do those beliefs come from?
  • What is science?
  • What does atheist mean?
  • We are all children of the universe
  • What is the only truth?

Nick Jankel was unable to find lasting happiness with either religion or reason (nor through pills, therapy, partying, wealth, success, or entrepreneurship either). Even though he was, and or still is, a militant atheist, he finally discovered the life-changing benefits of ‘spiritual’ enlightenment. This can help many people who don't relate to organized religion and may also be turned off by the alternatives.

Nick Jankel is an author, futurist, transformation catalyst, and practical philosopher who develops original thinking and powerful tools to ensure that individuals, leaders and organizations across the planet can thrive in a period of intense challenge.

Check out Nick's book Switch On

My challenge to you this week...

Where did your belief come from? Is it complete? Is it yours?

You can listen to the full episode here:

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