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9-Ways to Respond to Challenges, Mansplaining, Catcall and More

with Dorothy Kuhn

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9-Ways to Respond to Challenges, Mansplaining, Catcall and More

OMG so I love it when guests give good tips! Dorothy Khun, not only has a badass attitude (as she pointed out Urban Dictionary defines badass as adj. 1. A general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate, and ethical– so who doesn’t want to be badass??!!), she is smart and funny and has lots of tips. We talked about:

  • Check your guns, knives and emotion at the door?
  • Embracing our “broken” increases our worthiness
  • Women unwittingly play a part in the #metoo events
  • We can be safe or we can be badass
  • Situational awareness
  • Want to know what to say in response to “mansplaining”? Catcalls? Tune in!

Dorothy Kuhn grew up a sucker. She believed if she was nice, worked hard and did well in school, everything would turn out fine - while those ARE important things, it takes more for things to turn out fine.

When she decided to take charge of her life, at first she tried to control other people. She sucked at it because it’s not possible to control other people without pissing them off. They don’t have knobs and dials. She stumbled into it bit by bit, and finally, finally, finally figured out how to build her status, influence others, and BE powerful, while honoring other people and keeping her feminine essence. It starts with love. Forgiving & loving herself. She’s the SuccessibleSHE Expert, a sought-after speaker and trainer, and she’s here to share how you can answer the age-old question “WHAT DO I SAY?!” with wit, wisdom and practical tips.

To see more of her tips check out her website.

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