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5 Ways We Ward Off Wealth

with Emerald Greenforest

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5 Ways We Ward Off Wealth with Emerald Greenforest

I have had the pleasure of talking with Emerald on several occasions and was fortunate to share the stage with her as an Icon of Influence at the New Media Summit so having her on the podcast was just a great excuse for me to spend more time with her where she offered her 5 Ws around avoiding wealth.

  • Are you conversing or converting?
  • What is your family history with money and making money?
  • How are you colluding with others? 
  • Your change doesn’t only effect you
  • Do you push wealth away?
  • Why does money matter to you?
  • What is money amplifying in your life? 
  • How do you define wealth?

Known as the Wealthy Life Mentor, Emerald GreenForest is an internationally recognized speaker, transformation artist, Be The Change “Movement To Watch” & Quilly Award Winner, and one of America’s Premier Experts. Executive Producer of the Wickedly Smart Women Podcast & the Apple Top 200 Ranked Men On Purpose Podcast, she is hired to consult with high achieving change agents from all over the world who are called to create a Wealthy Life by Design.

Take Emeralds free wealth readiness quiz here

What is your relationship with them. How do they show up and most importantly what do you want to do about it and how can you implement tiny steps in the right direction – remember 1% change a day. Don’t forget to WRITE IT DOWN!

Day 1 = Worry

Day 2 = Whining

Day 3 = Waffling

Day 4 = Withdrawing

Day 5 = Waiting on…

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