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5 Ways This Cop is Creating Influence & How You Can Too with Amy Boudreau

What a great conversation I just got to have with Constable Amy Boudreau. The discussion around where policing is heading and relationship with community is a vital discussion and I think one that should be had wherever there is policing and a community!

  • What is your opinion of police officers? Where did it come from? Is it true?
  • Amy shares her 5 pillars 
    • Health and wellness (we can all learn from that!)
    • Evidence based policing (research and testing helps!)
    • Equity and inclusion (how are we treating each other?)
    • Crime prevention (how are police treating the whole person they are dealing with?)
    • Law enforcement and social media (officers can use policing as a platform to humanize the badge and showcase the positive work they do to balance out the negative media hype)

Amy Boudreau is a University of Windsor graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, has a minor in Criminology and Psychology, and has spent the last nine years as a Police Constable with a specialty in Crime Prevention. She is known on social media as "The Yoga Cop" and is a writer and public speaker who advocates for first responder wellness, through the use of yoga and mindfulness meditation; crime prevention; evidence-based policing (EBP); law enforcement social media (LESM); and gender equity and inclusion, in an effort to evolve police culture.

Find Amy on social media @TheYogaCop

Email her at

Or here

if you don’t question something what is the point of believing in it?

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